All things being equal most companies would choose to present their products and services face to face with the prospect. However for a variety of reasons this approach may not be justified.

Telesales is a particularly cost effective way of selling relatively low value products and services into large target markets. Many of the advantages of a face to face meeting with the prospect are replicated as it is possible to gain a good understanding of the prospect’s needs while also developing a strong rapport.

The critical success factors in delivering a successful telesales campaign are:

  • Understanding the client’s business
  • Working closely during the development and roll out of the campaign
  • Effective use of complementary direct marketing tools – email and mailshot
  • Selection of telesales people with the appropriate skill set
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Results focus

Case Study

Training Organisation

The client wished to target hotels throughout Ireland with a range of training courses which had been developed specifically for newly appointmented managers.

Telemark supplied a list of hotels which met certain criteria. Each hotel was contacted in order to identify the person with overall responsibility for decisions with regard to training. Information was sent to the decision maker outlining the training options available in a number of key disciplines. The objective of the follow up telephone call was to sell places on one or more training courses to each establishment.

Telemark succeeded in selling the full compliment of training places on the 4 available courses.

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