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List/Database Cleaning

The list is the critical success factor in any direct marketing campaign. A brilliant offer, telesales person, sales presentation, letter or email will not succeed if you are not targeting the right person to begin with. Unfortunately the list is generally an area where companies tend to cut corners. Investment in improving list quality is always money well spent, particularly when the cost of mail, telephone, labour, postage, brochures and stationery is taken into account. It is also vital to create the right impression with the prospect on the very first contact.

Telemark strongly recommends that a list cleaning exercise is undertaken before commencing a telemarketing, direct mail or email campaign. It pays to check the following details:

Company Name
Company Address
Contact & Title
Tel & Fax
Email & web

While the key objective is to identify opportunities by asking the right questions, the call also presents an opportunity to introduce your company and product/service offering.

Case Study

Semi State Organisation

A database of 20,000 business customers was compiled over a 10 year period. The two key issues which needed to be addressed were as follows:

1. There were considerable gaps in terms of key contact information
2. There was little consistency in how certain fields on the database were populated

Telemark called each company in order to identify the key decision-maker and to capture that person’s contact details (location, job title, email address, direct line etc.) While undertaking this activity we standardised the use of all contact fields on the database.

The campaign resulted in our client being able to send out new product and service announcements while being fully confident they were hitting the right audience.

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