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Telemarketing Services

Lead Generation
A constant supply of sales leads is critical

The importance of generating sales leads on a continuous or at least frequent basis cannot be overstated. Quite often the unexpected happens, you lose an important customer or a new competitor enters the market.

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Appointment Setting
Well qualified appointments for your sales team

The lifeblood of most companies is new business sales. Yet many companies find their sales people do not spend enough time setting up appointments with prospective new clients ….

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List/Database Cleaning
Improve your results with a clean database

The list is the critical success factor in any direct marketing campaign. A brilliant offer, telesales person, sales presentation, letter or email will not succeed if you are not targeting the right person to begin with.

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Event Promotion
Get more attendees to your events

The organization of any event demands an investment of time, energy and of course money. In this respect it is so important to attract a good attendance to….

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Customer Surveys
Find out what your customers really think

Very often customers do not complain, they simply move to another supplier. With companies looking to cut costs and an abundance of supplier choice available to them.

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Sell directly over the phone

All things being equal most companies would choose to present their products and services face to face with the prospect. However for a variety of reasons this approach may not be justified.

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Complete service offering from Telemark

In addition to telemarketing, Telemark also provides a complete range of related services to our clients.

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