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Appointment Setting

The lifeblood of most companies is new business sales. Yet many companies find their sales people do not spend enough time setting up appointments with prospective new clients, choosing instead to concentrate on current customers and existing sales opportunities. In many respects this behaviour makes perfect sense as salespeople are measured and rewarded on closing sales. Telemark provides a cost-effective solution to achieve:

  • Well qualified appointments
  • Well planned diaries
  • Effective use of limited sales resource
  • Capture and analysis of critical market information

Case Study

Client: Financial Services Company

Our client has a very well defined target audience. The campaign objective is to develop an understanding of each company’s requirements, build a relationship with the senior financial contact and ultimately to set up a well qualified appointment.

Telemark has developed a database of key contacts, review dates and requirements in the client’s prospect base. Decision makers are called a number of times each year with a view to setting up appointments.

The success of this campaign can be judged by fact that the client has retained Telemark’s services on a continuous basis for the past 4 years.

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