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Other Services

In addition to telemarketing, Telemark also provides a complete range of related services to our clients.

Telemark sources lists from a number of list suppliers. In this way we are completely independent in recommending the best list option for your campaign. We can also develop a list specifically for your company if it is not possible to source one that meets your exact criteria. Telemark also advises clients on how best to segment larger databases to ensure their target audience is addressed in a well-planned fashion over a period of time.

Database Management:
The database is at the heart of all direct marketing activity. Telemark recognises this and provides a full Database Management service which includes the following components:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Updating
  • Hosting
  • Reporting

Direct Marketing Strategy:
Telemark has considerable experience in planning and implementing long-term direct marketing campaigns. The approach we take is outlined below:

  1. Campaign Design
  2. List and Database development
  3. People – select and train
  4. Activity Implementation (mail/email and telemarketing)
  5. Database – update and maintain
  6. Reporting & Analysis

Direct Mail/Email:
Quite often an email or letter is used to support the telemarketing campaign. It is important to ensure the timing and content of the supporting material fully complements the telemarketing call. Telemark provides both mailing and email marketing services. We also advise on copy or should the need arise we can introduce the services of a copy writing firm.

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