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Lead Generation

The importance of generating sales leads on a continuous or at least frequent basis cannot be overstated. Quite often the unexpected happens, you lose an important customer or a new competitor enters the market. Despite this many companies concentrate entirely on orders and contracts currently in hand only to discover an empty pipeline when the order has been fulfilled or the contract finishes.

Telemark offers a Lead Generation Service that can be used on an ad-hoc or continuous basis. The overall approach in lead generation activity is to ask a series of questions that will help to qualify the prospect. These questions might include:

  • Who is the decision-maker?
  • Which products/services are currently used?
  • Who is the current supplier?
  • What is the satisfaction level?
  • When is the contract up for renewal?
  • How old are the existing products?
  • Are there plans to upgrade/replace?
  • Would the person like to receive info?

Case Study

Client: IT Company

Issue: Contact 1000 companies in the client’s geographic area with a view to establishing their IT requirements during the next 12 month period.

Telemark contacted the 1000 companies to identify the decision maker contact and to capture that person’s email address. The next step was to send an email highlighting special offers on certain products. This email campaign was followed up with a call to establish short term IT requirements and to set up a telephone appointment with those companies interested in talking to a sales person.

The campaign gave our client’s sales team a significant boost as almost 12% of the people contacted had some level of requirement and were interested in a taking a further call.

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