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Customer Surveys

Very often customers do not complain, they simply move to another supplier. With companies looking to cut costs and an abundance of supplier choice available to them, a proactive approach to customer retention is hugely important.

Quite often there is a significant gap in the supplier’s perception of satisfaction levels and the actual experience of the customer. An independent customer survey will ensure problem areas or opportunities are quickly identified and the appropriate follow up action is taken.

While every survey is somewhat different, the areas which companies typically want to explore in relation to satisfaction levels are as follows:

  • Products/Services
  • Pre/Post Sales Support
  • Maintenance
  • Price
  • People

Case Study

IT Services Company

Our client wished to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey to identify areas for improvement in their business. A decision was taken to employ the services of a third party company to ensure objectivity in the exercise. 100 customers were selected for inclusion in the survey.

In the first instance Telemark mailed a copy of the survey to 100 customers. Those who did not respond by mail were subsequently contacted by phone. Over 80% of the selected customers eventually took part in the survey. This proved an excellent sample on which to analyse key elements of our client’s performance and in particular to identify areas that needed to be improved.

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